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Wing DMCC is an Amazon company established in 2016.

Wing Delivery Marketplace provides the most innovative mobile and web-based user-friendly delivery solution for businesses and individual consumers, to connect merchants and couriers.

The system supports connecting to different couriers and drivers, and you can automate the delivery process based on a set of rules to dispatch with the most efficient cost, and the highest revenue without compromising the delivery quality. Also you will be always monitoring your customer satisfaction on driver rating.

Wing uses a unique API technology to connect couriers and merchants to ensure that shipments are delivered in a timely manner.

Wing Supports E-commerce integration like (Woocommerce, Shopify, and Magento 1.9.x) that will help you connect to e-commerce easier and more effective.

Wing helps the merchants who are looking for a technologically robust delivery solution to achieve efficiency and reduce the costs through connecting them to courier.
Wing has developed a unique training and monitoring mechanism for the driver to ensure providing the customers with the highest quality.

Wing supports multi-size parcels, documents, and other delivery types such as grocery, and retailers etc.

Wing allows you to connect with a wide range of couriers for domestic and international shipping without going through the hassle of looking for a trusted courier or signing a contract, all you need to do is to choose the courier company that suits your needs and set the date.

What we have achieved so far?

Delivered Packages

Wing has delivered more than 3.5 million packages with our delivery partners


Merchants have used Wing service to connect with couriers in the UAE

Courier Companies

Connected to wing to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

Used wing to place or receive orders in the UAE


Light Asset

The module is asset — free, that means you will run the company with a risk-free of an extra cost, and unutilized assets in seasons or peaks, and valleys business.

Guaranteed Profit

Once the order is received you will guarantee the profit without worrying on paying an extra costs.

Extended Customer Relationship

As you will offer a marketplace for services, the customer will be always retained for longer period than dealing directly with the providers.

Lowest Prices & Highest Margin

By competing service providers or drivers, and enabling multi mile order delivery you will be able to retain high margin for every delivery, and still provide the lowest price in the market.

Additional Features

Automated Communication template

Send messages to your customers through e-mails, SMS, and push notifications.

Delivery Estimated Attempt

Measure whether the shipments were attempted as per Shippers promised date

Customer Feedback

Receive feedback from your customers to enhance your operations

Forecast and Grow your Business

Monitor the destinations with the highest number of orders to expand your business and generate leads

Easy API integration

Easily integrate with your customers

Cost efficiency

Allocate your resources properly, and optimize your cost

Unlimited driver/user/customer account

Create unlimited usernames with no extra fees

Proof of Delivery

Take a picture of the customer ID and signature on the driver app as a proof of Delivery

Complete Finance Solution

Get a complete finance solution along with a COD support

Flexible Service Price/Cost configuration

Add and remove features based on your needs, and choose the package that suits you

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