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What items are prohibited to ship?

The following list includes items that cannot be shipped within the UAE under any circumstances through Your Personal Shopper:

  1. Arms, ammunition and parts thereof – Aerosol.
  2. Transmitters and radio receivers except as authorized by law.
  3. Pesticides.
  4. Toxic substances.
  5. Political publications.
  6. Gold jewelry, platinum, precious stones and silver, unless sent by insured mail.
  7. Dispatches and parcels in violation of the prescribed packaging conditions.
  8. Lighters full of gas (empty lighters are acceptable).
  9. Radioactive materials.
  10. Pork products and by-products.
  11. Live animals of all kinds.
  12. Drugs and materials that have a psychological impact.
  13. Publications that contain indecent pictures.
  14. Polished, bleached, manufactured or counterfeited pearl.
  15. Flammable films, celluloid or materials manufactured from celluloid.
  16. Flammable, explosive or other hazardous material.
  17. Roots-grain – plants and their parts unless accompanied by a health certificate.
  18. Medical drugs unless accompanied by import license.
  19. Alcoholic beverages.
  20. Offensive publications pursuant to legitimate, law and traditional custom.
  21. Pornography.
  22. Dispatches and parcels in violation of the prescribed packaging conditions that can be a danger to postal workers, or may contaminate or damage the other letters and parcels or postal equipment
What areas are for remote delivery only?

At this time the areas below are being served remotely only

AreaStationDays Delivered
Al ai road Exit no 26 Al jazira poulitry farmDubai StationSaturday, Tuesday
Al ai road Exit no 29 Al rawdah poulitry farmDubai StationSaturday, Tuesday
Al ai road Exit no 37 Lisaili dxb camel and raising clubDubai StationSaturday, Tuesday
Al ai road Exit no 47 Margam,Sky diveDubai StationSaturday, Tuesday
Al Maha ResortDubai StationSaturday, Tuesday
Bab Al ShamsDubai StationSaturday
MadamDubai StationSaturday
HattaDubai StationSaturday
LahababDubai StationSaturday
Al HelloAjman StationSaturday, Wednesday
Emirates cityAjman StationSaturday, Wednesday
MunaiAjman StationSaturday
Wadi Al HalloAjman StationSaturday
HawilatAjman StationSaturday
SijiAjman StationSaturday, Thursday
TawbanAjman StationSaturday, Thursday
What are the out of service areas?

As for now, the following areas are out of service

J ali to Auh truck roadDubai Station
GandoothDubai Station
AjbanAbu Dhabi Station
Al AdlaAbu Dhabi Station
Al Ain Truck RoadAbu Dhabi Station
Al FayaAbu Dhabi Station
Al Ghadeer VillageAbu Dhabi Station
Al jarf petrol station ADNOC 666Abu Dhabi Station
AL KhatamAbu Dhabi Station
Azab AreaAbu Dhabi Station
Badazaid-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Baniyas GravyardAbu Dhabi Station
Baniyas IslandAbu Dhabi Station
Buhasa Area-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Das IslandAbu Dhabi Station
Delma IslandAbu Dhabi Station
EMAL [Emirates Aluminium]Abu Dhabi Station
Emirates AluminiumAbu Dhabi Station
GanthootAbu Dhabi Station
Gayathy-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Ghwaifath-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Habshan-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Hameem-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Jabel Dhana Hotel-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Khaleefa port -EmalAbu Dhabi Station
Kharafi NationalAbu Dhabi Station
Kizad-SamhaAbu Dhabi Station
LIWA AREA-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Madinat zayed-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Murfa-Mirfa–Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Qasar Al Sarab-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Ruwais-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Salam living city-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Sila-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
SwaihanAbu Dhabi Station
Tarif-Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
TaveelaAbu Dhabi Station
Tawazun Industrial ParkAbu Dhabi Station
Wathba jailAbu Dhabi Station
Wathba PrisonAbu Dhabi Station
Western RegionAbu Dhabi Station
Al WaganAl Ain Station
SweihanAl Ain Station
Al KhaznaDAl Ain Station
ZAKHIR TRUCK ROAD new industrial areaAl Ain Station
Al QuaaAl Ain Station
Al DhairaAl Ain Station
TOP OF HAFEET Mountain ( JABAL HAFEET )Al Ain Station
Abo Samra  & Remah ( al ain abo Dhabi road )Al Ain Station
How can I get my money back after successful delivery?

Money will be deposited into a provided account; funds will be available after one week. Or a cheque will be provided in your name after one week.

Is there any charge when COD amount is transferred to bank account?

Yes, there is a AED 3 management fee.

Are shipment rates the same for cash on delivery shipment?

Yes, the rates remain the same for COD.

What happens to returned or not delivered shipments?

Once the parcel is collected from the pickup location, the customer will not be able to cancel the order. At this point, the courier will either deliver it or return it to the origin. The customer will have to pay the delivery charge in both cases. If the pickup has failed, then the customer will not be charged. Note: After trying to reach the sender twice for pickup, the courier can cancel the order. In this case, the customer will have to redo the order.

What if I won’t be available when the courier arrives?

If you won’t be available at the time of delivery, our system provides three options from which you can choose when placing your order:

  • Do not deliver
  • Leave at door
  • Leave at concierge
Is my information confidential?

All data related to the access and use of our services, including all data related to Shippers (including Shippers’ Information), all data related to the provision of Delivery Services via our Services and the Shipper App, and the Shipper ID is confidential. To learn more, read Terms and Conditions for Shippers.

What if my order is late?

Our couriers are working hard to deliver your orders on time. Sometimes delays occur due to unforeseen reasons that are out of our control. In light of such delays, please contact our customer service by phone or email with your order code and we will make sure your delivery arrives as soon as possible.

How is the “Urgent” delivery rate calculated?

Urgent delivery has a fixed charge for every weight type plus additional charge per each kilometre of the way.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the weight of the parcel, prices may vary. Rates start from AED 13 for a document up to 2 kg with our Saver option. While our Urgent Delivery option calculates rates depending on the route distance.

Do I receive a bill?

Yes, you do receive an air waybill which is saved in the cloud, and you can access it anytime, by going to “My orders” dashboard.

What credit cards do you accept?

PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover

How can I track my shipment?

Once you’ve successfully placed the order, you can track it through your mobile application, or on our website.

What is the cut-off time for delivery options?

The cut-off time for Same day delivery is 12:00 PM

The cut-off time for Next Business day is 16:00

Can I still cancel or stop the parcel if it is already on its way? Would there be any charge?

Yes, charge will be normal like a return order.

How can I change or cancel my order?

In the Dashboard, click on the order code. On the order details page, you will have both options to edit or cancel it.

When and how can I get my COD payment?

We do follow a regular payout cycle. We based it on delivered orders per week. Our payout cycle is from Friday to Thursday and the payout will be on the following Wednesday. Please find the sample table below:

Date of Delivery Payout Date
Jan 04-10, 2019 Jan 16, 2019
Jan 11-17, 2019 Jan 23, 2019
Jan 18-24, 2019 Jan 30, 2019

In case that the payout date is a holiday, it will be the next working day.

We send your money to your account via bank transfer. In case you haven’t provided your bank details yet, please send an email to and provide the following details:

  • Wing Account Login
  • Bank Name
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • IBAN
  • Swift Code

Please send Bank details to

Once you provided the information, we will forward it to the finance team and they will process your payout.

When sending the bank details, it is a MUST to send it in a text form and not a screenshot. This is to avoid mistake on your bank details.

What is WING?

WING DMCC is an Amazon company established in 2016.

WING Delivery Marketplace provides the most innovative mobile and web-based user-friendly delivery solution for businesses and individual consumers.

WING offers domestic and international deliveries for businesses and individuals through our Marketplace partners in UAE.

Is WING a courier?

No, Wing is not a courier, it is a delivery marketplace. We are partnered with more than 20 couriers in the region to deliver the shipments to the end customers.

Do you have cash on delivery option?

Yes, we do have cash on delivery options for domestic shipments only.

Is WING a courier?

No, Wing is not a courier, it is a delivery marketplace. We are partnered with more than 20 couriers in the region to deliver the shipments to the end customers. 

How can I put the COD amount to be collected from the recipient?

Upon placing an order, you can find the “Cash on Delivery” button, you can click on that and put the amount that will be collected from the recipient.

How can I contact WING?

Our customer service is open from 9am to 9pm from Saturdays to Thursdays.

You can reach us at:
Telephone: 04 4043999
General Inquiries:,

Do I need to remind you every time regarding my payout?

No, we only need your bank details once. After that, it will be automatic. You will receive your payout directly to your bank account per payout.

Do you have COD charge?

No, we only deduct AED 3 per payout for the bank transfer charge.

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