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WING is a delivery marketplace for courier companies, merchants and customers to connect


Receive notifications about
deliveries near you


Accept delivery requests from the app


Keep track of orders, deliveries and payments


Stay organised


How It Works for Couriers

  1. Download the Driver App on your smartphone and apply as a driver.
  2. When a delivery request near you appears, you will receive a push-notification. The message will include the pickup and delivery locations and order.
  3. When a delivery is requested near you, a push-notification will appear. The message will include the pickup and delivery locations and order details.
  4. Pickup, deliver, earn – with a smile!
Wing Wing

Drive with Wing

Downsize your fleet or add them to our fleet and your messengers to our network today. Switch to WING.

    Not every courier company old or new have huge amount of money to invest on their marketing. By coming on WING platform you will be instantly exposed to the market, a branding opportunity
    “I can’t keep track of my Delivery books or files!” is a common challenge with many courier companies, apart from wasting a lot of time, lead to weak audit trails for deliveries.
    An organized courier is a successful courier. WING provides backend system and dashboard with important metrics to keep you informed
    Eliminating the human error for pickup and delivery location and other relevant information by WING driver app. Keep track of your drivers, and keep track of your customers
    Delighted customers and merchants return to you again and again

Get started with WING

  • Start with easy documentation
  • Assign your drivers with our platform and go manual delivery as a test. Conduct pilot runs and optimize the system begin with 2 delivery's a day per assigned dispatcher, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, Sharjah etc.
  • You don't invest, but share revenues,or pay per package, or work out a mutually agreeable deal
  • We do a TTT (Train The Trainer)
  • Better control on deliveries, customer relations, etc. through the app

Download the Agreement Here

Download the Agreement Here

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also find us on: is pleased to announce it has entered into a definitive purchase agreement for the acquisition of Wing. provides customers with more convenience for their same and next day delivery, and this investment confirms our commitment to providing our customers with a world class experience including a fast and dependable delivery service.

Wing now has the backing of both and Amazon, and we are very happy to join with them to better serve our customers.

You can read about the pending acquisition here