WING Your Shipments Internationally ✈️🌍

07. November 2016 0

We have grear news for you. WING has gone international – now you can send your parcels worldwide.

Whether you want to send a parcel to India, Pakistan, Philippines or the rest of the world, you can now send your international parcels with WING.Delivery Marketplace.

Don’t be linked to one shipping company: WING finds the lowest rates by comparing the prices among several courier companies.

Over 150 destinations, from London to Ankara to Moscow and lots of other places. Rates start from 20 AED only.

WING Your shipments not only across the UAE, but arount the globe as well! Book your first International shipment with WING now. You WING it, We’ll Bring it.

3D rendering of the Earth with a heap of cardboard boxes

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