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Dec 19, 2018

Why You Should Prioritize Customer Experience

Modern commerce means having the competency to process and manage orders from multiple channels, carriers, and delivery points. Integrating these capabilities within your business will empower you to provide speedy, accurate service with competitive shipping rates, and offer more return options to customers.

brands and customer experience benefits

Prioritizing your customer experience has a lot of benefits, some of them are:

+60% Brand Awareness

+90% Average Order Value

+90% Return on Ad Spend

+60% Customer Lifetime Value

+35% Faster Revenue Growth Rate

+70%Customer Retention

Digital customers also tend to prefer interaction with digital support. This requires unifying the customer’s online experience and offline interaction with sales and customer support staff to avoid additional customer service complaints and requests.

Every retailer and their customer bases are different. Retailers need to choose shipping features like custom business rules, giving more and cheaper shipping options at checkout, utilizing drop shipping, and using stores as fulfilment centres. That’s how you can decrease cart abandonment, build a loyal customer base and drive revenue.

During peak seasons, it’s especially important to take advantage of seasonal carrier offers and conditions to move more product and delight customers. Always find ways to improve and keep your customers coming back. Evolve with your customers and never stop investing in what they want: faster, cheaper, and more reliable deliveries. Invest in the shipping experience as a service, not just as a back-of- house operation to create a better customer experience.

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