May 16, 2018

What items are prohibited to ship?

The following list includes items that cannot be shipped within the UAE under any circumstances through Your Personal Shopper:

  1. Arms, ammunition and parts thereof – Aerosol.
  2. Transmitters and radio receivers except as authorized by law.
  3. Pesticides.
  4. Toxic substances.
  5. Political publications.
  6. Gold jewelry, platinum, precious stones and silver, unless sent by insured mail.
  7. Dispatches and parcels in violation of the prescribed packaging conditions.
  8. Lighters full of gas (empty lighters are acceptable).
  9. Radioactive materials.
  10. Pork products and by-products.
  11. Live animals of all kinds.
  12. Drugs and materials that have a psychological impact.
  13. Publications that contain indecent pictures.
  14. Polished, bleached, manufactured or counterfeited pearl.
  15. Flammable films, celluloid or materials manufactured from celluloid.
  16. Flammable, explosive or other hazardous material.
  17. Roots-grain – plants and their parts unless accompanied by a health certificate.
  18. Medical drugs unless accompanied by import license.
  19. Alcoholic beverages.
  20. Offensive publications pursuant to legitimate, law and traditional custom.
  21. Pornography.
  22. Dispatches and parcels in violation of the prescribed packaging conditions that can be a danger to postal workers, or may contaminate or damage the other letters and parcels or postal equipment
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