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Jun 26, 2016

Delivery Digitized: No More Annoying Calls

The history of delivery services development starts centuries ago. And now, in the 21st century these services are widely used, though more and more types of delivery have come insight. The delivery conditions have become more comfortable and the speed is now faster. Various vehicles are available, depending on the type of the parcel. In fact, nowadays probably anything can be shipped anywhere.

The new era for delivery now is Digitising. In what way? Let’s break this down.

As well as taxi cabs, delivery and courier services have stepped forward through mobile apps. If earlier you would call the courier service and request delivery by explaining the physical address, landmarks, what item you’re shipping, its dimensions, all orally – now things have changed. Using one app you can request delivery, marking the GPS points of pickup and dropoff, filling in the parcel details in the form and even uploading photographs of the item.

Once the request is accepted, the drivers uses GPS to find the location of the parcel and the customer can track driver’s destination on the map. Have you thought of anything like that in the past? Barely. Future is here. After the parcel is delivered, you have an opportunity to rate the driver. The rating will then appear on the driver’s page, so other customers could also view it.

The new app service has many benefits. First of all – it saves your time. No need to wait in endless queues at the post office or to be held on the phone line, trying to explain your exact address.

Another advantage and convenience is that the payments are also made through the app. A customer simply connects his credit card with the app, and after delivery the necessary amount of money will be withdrawn from the account. If you prefer cash on delivery, this is also available.

In the busy city, you can easily get stuck in traffic for hours, just to drop-off your parcel to the destination, you lose the time, that you could devote to work, family or other important things in your life. It is much easier and convenient to book a delivery directly from your mobile phone using the application.
Packages mostly contain important documents or dear to heart items and you always want your package to be safe and secure. With the parcel tracking feature, you can see where your package is on the map and keep peace of mind, be sure that your parcel is in safe hands.
No need to carry heavy items. Save your back, free your hands.
Courier services can be used for different purposes, it is a smart choice for corporate, personal/family and friends needs, as well as for business and e-commerce. Anyone can benefit using a courier service. Small and Mid-sized business and retailers can hire a courier service and use their technology to offer their customers fast and qualified delivery service. In addition, they don’t need to worry about delivery problems anymore. To learn more on courier service features and their benefits browse through Wing.

Probably the best thing about these services is their flexibility and mobility. Think about it: wherever you are, you can request a delivery service. Even if you are not available yourself, you can specify another person to receive your parcel. Also, using the app, you can provide an option, you are not available: to leave the parcel at the doorstep or leave it to the concierge.

You can choose the type of delivery from the variations: same-day delivery, bullet service, regular, etc. Using the Wing app, before placing an order you fill in the details and provide all the necessary information for the couriers, and you will be given a special courier just for your type of package.

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