Does Your Business Need Same Day Delivery?

18. May 2017 0

Same day delivery has become something of a buzzword in the world of fulfillment, with retail giants using it to entice online shoppers and gain an edge over their competition.

But a question that is rarely asked in modern e-commerce is “can my business achieve same delivery?” and more importantly “Do I even have to?” In this post, we’ll look to answer these questions and help you decide whether same day delivery is right for you.

The Allure of Same Day Delivery

There’s no doubt that same-day delivery is becoming an important option in the world of online shopping. The trend is especially prominent in areas of the world where e-commerce has reached a highly developed state (think the USA, Korea, and Western Europe), and while many countries fall into that category, a lot of countries do not.

This should be an important consideration when evaluating if the service right for your business. In Seoul for example, there is an expectation that most online purchases arrive within four hours. In this location, failing to offer the service really does hinder your business’ ability to compete.

In more developing markets Especially the Middle East, there is not nearly as much pressure to deliver products quickly. This means that investments towards customer service and marketing will go a lot further towards growing your business, rather than paying a premium for same day delivery.

But in UAE things running differently than MENA the fast pace, high-end lifestyle and cutting-edge technology everywhere is pushing the instant delivery in E-commerce. Customers willing to pay extra to get the product on the same day rather than wait for it next couple of days.

What Are Industry Leaders Doing?

Over the past two years, Amazon has rolled out its same-day delivery service in over 5000 cities and towns around the world. The company is currently leasing dozens of cargo planes to limit its dependence on third party suppliers and increase its flexibility to deliver goods across these cities.

Meanwhile, on the brick and mortar side, Macy’s, Inc. have deployed a similar same day shipping approach in 17 cities across the US. The service utilizes a crowdsourcing delivery platform to get products directly from their brick and mortar stores to shopper’s homes.

It seems that more businesses are interested in following the Macy’s strategy by offloading their fulfillment to a dedicated third party that can deliver the items more efficiently than traditional services.

How Important is Same Day Delivery?

When given the opportunity, few consumers will turn down the opportunity to have their products delivered in the same time it takes to order food, but in the, on the other hand, there is a decent number of customers waiting  to see ( Free Delivery ) promo or listed product

Does your business use same day delivery? What do you think the future of the service will be?

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