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Jun 26, 2016

[How To] Become a Good Courier

You may think that being a courier is an easy job, but it isn’t all about delivering parcels, messages and mail. Like any other profession, it has its own particularity and features. In ancient times, couriers (or as they were called – runners, messengers) delivered mostly messages and mail. But now the profession has evolved into much more than that. The range of courier services has expanded. A common stereotype is that being a courier won’t bring you much income, but if you get things right and become professional in this niche, you will get paid good money, moreover this job is always in demand with numerous opportunities from being a self-employed Dubai courier and having a flexible schedule, to being a professional courier in a large prestigious courier company in Dubai. Most Dubai courier services have a courier rating system. This is why it is twice important to become a professional and smart courier, so your appraisals will work on you. In this article we are going to discuss the main points of becoming a good courier and skills, that you will need.


  • Your appearance. No matter what you deliver, you should keep your appearance neat and self-collected. Remember, you are representing your company and you are the face of the company, the first person, who the customer sees, when he meets the service. Most companies have a uniform, you should keep it clean and ironed. In hot weather countries, such as UAE, to be a good looking Dubai courier, you should surely use sunblock cream and have a good deodorant. Your whole appearance should show, that you are organized and accurate in your work, this will ensure you a good reputation among the customers.
  • This goes to the physical form as well. And not only because it looks good, but because your job requires you to be fast, carry heavy items. It will be better for you to keep yourself in a good form. Furthermore, it is good for your health, this should be a part of your lifestyle.
  • Time-management. In the beginning of the article we said, that it is not easy to be a courier, and yes, because you also need to be a good time-manager. With both fixed and flexible schedules you will need to face deadlines. This is why you need to organize your day hour-by-hour to catch all you need to do. Maybe you will need to read some material on time-management, learn tips & tricks to make progress. But once you get used to be punctual and manage your time rationally, it will be easy for you to accomplish deliveries and organize your working hours.
  • Directional skills. This part has become easier, thanks to GPS and maps in your smartphone, but, however, you should have a sense of direction, remember routes, roads, detours, backstreets and so on.
  • Bookkeeping skills. You should keep notes and records about payments, invoices, signatures and other information. You are not a computer, to remember everything. Paper notes are from the previous century. Keep the information in an online spreadsheet or appropriate software. Most of the courier companies in Dubai have their own software for these needs. Register everything on time and you will have no worries.
  • Customer service skills. The last, but not the least is your approach to customers. You should be friendly and discreet, most clients will gratefully appreciate your attitude.


As you see, this job is not just about carrying items from one place to another. It involves attention to details and work on yourself. In order to become a good a trustworthy Dubai courier, you need to be organized and hardworking, this way the job will bring you maximum benefit.

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