About WING

WING DMCC is an Amazon company established in 2016.

WING Delivery Marketplace provides the most innovative mobile and web-based user-friendly delivery solution for businesses and individual consumers.

WING offers domestic and international deliveries for businesses and individuals through our Marketplace partners in UAE. 

WING Marketplace focuses more on B2B model where it plays a marketplace (platform) role between merchants and couriers. WING helps merchants looking for a more technologically robust delivery solution to achieve more efficiency and reduce the costs.

WING Marketplace deals with multi-size documents and parcels. All of our trusted delivery drivers received in-depth training in proper etiquette, customer service, and safety.

Getting started is so easy!  As a part of our courier marketplace and shipping software as a service concept, we are currently working with over 20 courier/delivery service companies in the UAE.

WING’s unique technology connects courier and merchants together using an API that enables them to ensure that shipments are delivered in a timely manner.

WING provides Urgent, Same Day, Next Day and Saver Delivery to cover all business and personal requirements in all aspects and situations.

Whether you a courier or local transportation company who needs to send deliveries to customers such as a grocery store, restaurant, retail business, flower shop, etc.? We offer a full-service admin dashboard where you can schedule, track, and manage all of your customer deliveries! Be sure to check our website or contact us to learn more.

    Affordable transportation and delivery rates.
    Track your delivery driver in real-time to confirm exact arrival time.
    Review our licensed delivery drivers ratings? to select the right one for you.
    Once logged into the app, you can select your delivery rate.

WWW.WING.AE and WWW.WING.DELIVERY is owned and managed by WING DMCC an Amazonn company.

We set out with a simple Mission

Become the leader by creating a leading delivery medium in MENA region by offering an efficient, easy to use, on-demand mobile marketplace for shippers and messengers. The digital economy and mobile penetration are changing the way we make our lives simpler, easier and valuable. WING uses an on-demand, as needed work force to deliver your packages in urban areas.

Creating choices means more options for YOU - hence our Slogan: WING It YOUR way. Don’t be linked to one provider but rather have your choices with our App!

Our Services

Our Services

WING customers can request local deliveries through WING iOS and Android Apps as well as place the orders in our WING.AE website. Our user-friendly APIs are available to all merchants, online or offline to integrate to their systems making it efficient part of their supply process of goods and services.
We also help couriers and merchants get their online presence fast with the network of our partners Payfort (Payment Gateway) and our simple eCommerce shopping card to get you selling and delivering online free and fast.

We serve businesses large and small including all types of merchants, law firms, real estate companies, PR firms, Restaurants, Groceries, Printing shops, etc. We will eventually offer the most comprehensive local delivery service available at the most affordable rates. All Merchants need better customer service capabilities and our mission is to help them!

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